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Long Twist

 The long 22" twist baluster is very commonly used along side of the single basket, the most popular pattern. This unique piece [available only in Smooth Black (Tubular) and Oil-Rubbed Bronze (Tubular)], features a 22" long single twist down...

Single Twist

The Single twist iron baluster complements all products from the twist and basket series. We recommend using these in between baskets to space out the more decorative single and double basket, or items such as the scroll. These can be used alone, or with...

Double Twist

The double twist baluster from Lighted Landings. Please see our photo gallery on the category page for ideas on patterns. The single basket, double basket, and scroll pieces work well with this classic style of metal baluster.

Single Basket

The single basket is our best selling iron baluster. We offer this in a variety of stocked finishes, as well as custom coat for customers. They are best in a pattern with the single and double twist. Please see the drawings for spacing and measurements...

Double Basket

Double basket iron baluster. Patterns consisting of the double basket usually feature a single or double twist, and single basket. On level railing, the double basket works well with the single basket to create a centerpiece design. Please select a...

Scroll Series Heart

Decorative heart scroll. Check out our photo gallery to see examples of this product being used.

Butterfly with leaves

The Butterfly Scroll (T-5) is a scroll piece part of the twist and basket series. It features decorative leaves on the sides of the item, and is a great change from the typical S-shaped scroll. Install this piece in line with something from the versatile...

Dragonfly Scroll

The Dragonfly scrolls features two twists that match the twist and baskets.