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S-2 Flat Shoes (1/2")

Description Shoes are typically necessary for a remodel or new construction project.  The top end of the baluster had a rounded dowel tip that easily glides into the round pre-drilled hole on the underside of your handrail.  However, the...

S-1 Angle Shoe (1/2" Square)

1/2" Pitch or Angle shoe for installing iron balusters. This shoe is designed for all balusters listed as 1/2" Square. The pitch or angle shoe is typically used in knee wall applications, where there is a short wall running down the staircase that the...

S-4 Angle Shoe (9/16" Square)

Angle or pitch shoes for 9/16" Square hammered balusters. Please read to ensure you are ordering the correct shoe. All angle shoes fit either A) on the underside of the handrail while ascending the staircase, where the handrail is at an angle. B) on...

50ml Super Epoxy

PC-Super Epoxy is a non drip translucent paste epoxy with unlimited uses in bonding, sealing, and as a filler for most materials This paste epoxy was formulated to be extremely versatile, flexible, and resilient with enormous strength PC-Super Epoxy is...

Epoxy Applicator

Professional-grade model for use with any sealant or adhesive. The gun features a ladder hook for added ease of use, a thumb release and durable steel construction. This caulk gun is meant to be used as an applicator for our 50ml epoxy cartridges.
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Product Features Extremely flexible translucent paste epoxy Ease of use is the key with this self mixing formulation Flows beautifully through a static mix nozzle that mixes the epoxy thoroughly The mixing nozzle doesnt just mix the...
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1/2 inch Adjustable Knuckle with Screw

Adjustable knuckles are designed to be used with the straight iron balusters in the versatile series, and work well for knee wall applications (the wall running parallel to your handrail on your stairs). The adjustable features allow you to install the...